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Bell’s offer a range of modern-day roller blinds in a style and shade to suit your home and taste, coming in a range of functionality and materials including blockout, translucent or sheer fabric. Because no two window openings are the same, all blinds are custom made. The Bell’s team will explain how all these works and help you to choose what will best suit your needs.

Create your desired look your home deserves with Bell’s Roller Blinds.

Bell's Roller Blinds

Options of 3 Functionality Type Blinds
You have the option of chain drive, motorisation or zero gravity.

Chain driven blinds easily moves the roller blind up and down in a loop to reach the desired position. By using a stainless steel or colour match plastic chain it makes the process effortless and can be fitted to ceiling, wall or any recess.

Motorised blinds will give you an automated control of your blinds via a remote control, a wand or a wall switch. They are both modern and convenient. You can automate them to shut at a particular time, or when it goes dark, thus giving the impression that there’s someone home and further and protecting your property.

Motorised blinds will give you automated control of your blinds via a remote control or a wall switch. You have the option of motors that operate on mains power or rechargeable motors. Rechargeable motors do not need an electrician to connect to a power source saving you money.

Bells automated blinds can also be connected to a smart home system allowing you to operate the blinds from your smart phone, giving the illusion that someone is at home.

Zero Gravity blinds are perfectly balanced and designed with simplicity a key feature and 100% safe. The weight of the zero gravity spring perfectly offsets the weight of the blind over the entire span of movement. This means that users can put the blind up or down with the lightest touch and without having to turn to  expensive motorisation options. It’s truly world first innovation in the roller blind category.

Options of 3 Types Of Fabrics
You have the option of blockout, translucent or sheer fabric.

Roller blinds with the blockout fabric, will block all the light from passing through the fabric, however, light will still radiate around the edges of the roller blind.

For Increased Blockout – Full cassette roller blinds are ideal for those seeking even more blockout.

With aluminium cassette and side channels, this product offers the highest amount of light block of any roller blind. It comes come in a choice three standard colours, black, white or clear anodised.

The full cassette roller blind is popular with shift workers and media rooms where maximum light block is required.

Translucent fabric will allow light to penetrate the material whilst still providing privacy.

This is great if your house is a bit darker than the average home, but you are still wanting your privacy. Most blockout fabrics will have a matching translucent fabric for you to mix and match the two styles of fabric.

Sheer fabric is ideal when privacy is not needed. A sheer roller blind can provide shade to protect your home and belongings, while still offering a view to the outside.


Bell's Roller Blinds

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Whichever option of roller blind you decide, it’s one way of adding a colour contrast to an area or room, or you may already have a colour palette and want something that blends in with. After decades of experience in the industry, Brendon, from Bell’s Shutters, Awnings & Blinds can assist and you can have peace of mind knowing any blinds or shutters are of high-end quality and expertly installed.

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